Feel free to contact any of us with any questions or concerns you may have. We are here for you!

President: Madison Pitt

Madison Pitt

Vice President: Kelly Ries

VP of Community Service: Kaitlyn Entgelmeier

Kaitlyn Entgelmeier

Fundraising Chair: Hannah Engen


VP of PACE: Kelsy Kelly

Kelsy Kelly

VP of Communications: Loralie Elsenpeter

Loralie Elsenpeter

Secretary: Cassie Douglas

Cassie Douglas

VP of Member Recruitment and Member Outreach: Paige Carpenter

Paige Carpenter

VP of Social Media/Webmaster: Zach Spanton

Zach Spanton

Chapter Advisor: Dr. Penny Warner

Interim Chapter Advisor: Dr. Bethann Wiley

Dr. Bethann Wiley

Mascot: Winnie

Who to Contact
For questions about:


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