January 28th, 2013

NSCS January General Meeting (1/28/13)

  1. 1.     Welcoming (Carly)
  • Introductions
  1. 2.     Volunteer opportunities (Hannah)
  • Which ones are still available for the end of the semester
  1. Conversation night jan 6
  2. Adopt a block feb 4
  3. Humane society- on your own time
  4. Big brothers big sisters- on your own time
  5. Time out for a grandparent- on your own time
  • Remind them they can email you about activities that they do not through NSCS to receive points
  1. 3.     Mentoring and Pen Pals (Emily)
  • Update on PACE opportunities available for the members
  1. March to College- looking for volunteers
  2. Wednesday, March 6th
  • Pen pal letters
  1. Letters due by this Wednesday
  2. St. Stans still going on
  3. Key Kids- after school Mon and Thurs 3:30
  4. 4.     Donation Drives (Ashley)
  • Upcoming donation drives and a description of where the stuffed winter clothes will be taken
  1. Winter clothes drives today
  2. March donation drive is books
  3. April donation is used clothing
  4. 5.     Points Update- (Kirstin)
  • Remind them where to find their points and if they have questions to email you
  • Have to have a 8 point per semester average, take the number of points you have earned total divided by the amount of semesters you have been a NSCS member
  1. 6.     Website and Facebook reminder- (Krista)
  1. 7.     Integrity Week (Abby)
  • February 4th-8th, remind them of the signing of the banner and how they can earn points
  • One point for signing the banner, one point for wearing NSCS clothing
  • Email will be sent with information on a game night
  1. 8.     Sweatshirts and Valentines Day Fundraiser (Carly)
  • Announcing extras 25 dollars, first come first serve
  • Will be selling candy and baked goods in the Smaug on Valentines Day, for an extra charge they can be delivered to an on campus building
  1. 9.     Trees Things to Know (Penny)
  • Deadline for the finished essays and reminder of the scholarship they can win
  • March to College is March 6th
  1. 10.  Upcoming Meeting and Door Prize  (Carly)
  • Don’t forget to check out the National Website for scholarships and deals
  • Next meeting is Monday, February 18th, 8:00 East Hall
  • Sign up for volunteering or let Hannah know about other outside volunteer activities you are involved with.

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