April 20th, 2015

Date: 4/20/15

Time: 8:00 p.m.

Location: SAC

Meeting Topics

  1. Welcome- Megan
    1. Last meeting of the year!
    2. Announcement of new officers (please stand)
      1. Vice President: Abigail Strunz
      2. VP of Communications/Points: Loralie Elsenpeter
      3. VP of Community Service: Kaitlyn Entgelmeier
      4. VP of PACE: Kelsy Kelly
      5. President: Marissa Beaver
    3. Active Member Banquet/Senior Send-Off Coming up soon, April 30th at 8:00 p.m. in Gildemeister 226
      1. You will be invited if you qualify & it will be a laidback study break with pizza and prizes
  2. Each officer
    1. Community Service Opportunities- Marissa
      1. No more signups, but contact Marissa if you think you have outside points to get credit for
    2. VP of PACE- Katie
      1. March to College & assembly follow-up
      2. Pen Pals: have not come in yet. Check email to pick up letters in the Education office! Last pen pal letter- be sure to end with some type of closure!
    3. VP of Social Media/Webmaster- Zach
      1. Follow us on twitter and like our Facebook page
      2. https://winonastatenscs.wordpress.com/
    4. VP of Communications-Kristin
      1. Final points due April 24th!
      2. Seniors should have received an email, talk to Kristin if not
    5. VP of Membership and Outreach- Jennifer
      1. Money for bed nets to fight malaria in Tanzania
        1. $5=1/2 point, $10=1 point
      2. Also canned food items
        1. 1 can=1/2 point, 2 cans=1 point
    6. Secretary- Amber
      1. Meeting notes will be on Facebook, notes tab and the website- check for any information!
    7. Fundraising Chair- Dillon
      1. Thanks to everyone who participated in our Culver’s night!
      2. Buy and wear clothing to earn points
  3. Ending Writing-Service- Megan
    1. In honor of spring, we will be writing to nursing home residents at Sugar Loaf to wish them a Happy Spring!
      1. Put first name, year, NSCS, and major somewhere on card
  4. Closing and Door Prize- Megan
    1. We’ll see active members and seniors for a fun way to end the year on April 30th at 8 pm in Gild 226!
    2. THANK YOU! Have a great summer, and congrats to those graduating!

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