February 17th, 2014

Time: 8:00 pm

Location: Student Activity Center

I. Meeting Topics

  1. Welcome (Carly and Megan)
  2. Community Service Events Updates (Courtney)
    1. YMCA tutoring program
    2. Adopt a Block this Sunday at Gazebo
    3. Bingo at St. Annes- Next Wednesday
    4. Conversation Night- March 5th from 5-7; Free food!
    5. Humane Society
    6. Big Brothers, Big Sisters
  3. Donation Drives (Ashley)
    1. Next month is clothing drive
    2. April is food drive
    3. If you don’t have your donation tonight, bring to education office by Friday
  4. Pen Pal Letters and PACE opportunities (Emily)
    1. March to College volunteers
      1.  Fill out information on sheet after meeting
      2. Every half hour will be half a point
    2. St. Stans 2:15-3:30 weekly commitment
    3. Miller Mentoring- new opportunity; talk to Emily
    4. Pen Pals we need one more person
  5. Media Update (Jessica)
    1. Like our Facebook and follow our Twitter
    2. WSU_NSCS
  6. Points Review and reminder (Kristin)
    1. Need average of 8 points per semester to be considered active member and earn cords for graduation
  7. Reminder of merchandise that is for sale and that you get one point for wearing NSCS apparel to meetings (Megan)
    1. Selling them after meeting
    2. Culvers Fundraiser will be April 22nd
  8. Invitation to our game night (Abby)
    1. Catch phrase right after
    2. Sign integrity banner
      1. Tuesday from 12-2; Wednesday from 2-3:30
  9. Closing Notes and raffle prize (Carly and Megan)
    1. Sign up to volunteer!

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