April 21st, 2014

Time: 8:00 pm

Location: Student Activity Center

I. Meeting Topics

  1. Welcome (Megan)
    1. Address new members

i.     If you are not getting emails, let us know!

ii.     If you aren’t getting emails- check Facebook. It is updated daily!

  1. Community Service Events Updates (Megan)
    1. Bingo this Wednesday
  2. Donation Drives (Ashley and Kristin)
    1. Food Drive- turn in nonperishable food items by Friday to education office
    2. Tanzania Drive- medical supplies or medications through Friday

i.     Full list of supplies is on Facebook

  1. Points Review and reminder (Kristin)
    1. Last points need to be in by April 25t
    2. Graduating?- Email Kristin to see if you have earned your cords

i.     Cords will be handed out at Senior Send-off

  1. Media Update (Jessica)
    1. Like our Facebook
    2. Twitter: WSU_NSCS
  2. Pen Pal Letters and PACE opportunities (Emily)
    1. St. Stan’s and Mentor Miller
    2. Pen Pal letters in Education Office- read letter from fourth grade class teacher
  3. Reminder of merchandise for sale/one point for wearing NSCS apparel (Megan)
    1. Culvers Fundraiser- TOMORROW!
    2. 5:00-8:00 PM
    3. One point for buying food or points for working a shift
  4. Officer Positions Available
    1. Secretary, Fundraising Chair, Vice President, VP of Member Recruitment/Outreach all open for next semester
  5. If you are a senior or an active member, look for an invitation in emails to the Active Member and Senior Send-Off Event!!
    1. Please RSVP for National Office
    2. May 1st, 8:00 PM in Gildemeister
  6. Closing Notes and raffle prize (Megan)

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