March 17, 2014

Time: 8:00 pm

Location: Student Activity Center

I. Meeting Topics

  1. Welcome (Megan)
  2. Community Service Events Updates (Courtney)
    1. Adopt a Block
      1. Sunday March 21st, 1:00
      2. Sunday, April 13th, 1:00
    2. Big Brother, Big Sister
    3. Winona Area Humane Society
    4. Conversation Night
      1. Wednesday April 2nd, 5-7
  3. Donation Drives (Megan and Kristen)
    1. Clothing Drive today- or drop off in education office by Friday
    2. Next drive is nonperishable food items
    3. Tanzania drive- anything nonperishable and unopened, ibuprofen, bandaids, toothbrushes, soap, etc. Will accept donations through April 25th in education office
  4. Pen Pal Letters and PACE opportunities (Emily)
    1. March to College- This Friday, March 21!! (9:00-1:00)
      1. “Day in the life of a college student”
      2. Check in or sign up in back of meeting
    2. Pen Pal Letters by Wednesday April 19
    3. Miller Mentoring at Winona Middle School- sign up in back or email Emily or Courtney
  5. Media Update (Jessica)
    1. Like our Facebook and follow our Twitter
    2. Twitter: WSU_NSCS
  6. Points Review and reminder (Kristin)
    1. Last points need to be in by April 25th.
  7. Reminder of merchandise for sale/one point for wearing NSCS apparel (Megan)
    1. Culvers Fundraiser- Tuesday, April 22nd (5:00-8:00)
  8. Closing Notes and raffle prize (Carly and Megan)
    1. Next meeting is Monday, April 21st, 2014

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