November 10, 2014

Time: 8:00 p.m.

Location: East Hall of Krysko Commons

  1. Meeting Topics
  • Welcome- Megan
    1. Be sure to grab a bookmark and volunteer handbook if you have not already
    2. Excited about new officers, they’ll introduce themselves soon!
  • Recognize graduating/leaving officers: Jessica and Courtney
  1. Recognize outstanding member: Kirsten O’Dea
  • Each officer
    1. Community Service Opportunities- Courtney and Marissa
      1. Conversation Night (through English Learning Center) this Wednesday. Food and fun! 2 points
      2. Adopt-a-block on Sunday at 2 pm, meet at the gazebo!
      3. Bingo Night Monday, November 17th at 6:30 p.m.
      4. Humane Society, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and Winona Volunteer Services sign-ups available
    2. VP of PACE- Katie
      1. March to College volunteer sign-up
  • Pen Pals- Kirsten
    1. Letters due by Friday!
    2. Katie will be taking over pen pals next semester
  1. VP of Social Media/Webmaster- Jessica and Zach
    1. Follow us on twitter and like our Facebook page
    3. Zach introduce yourself
  2. VP of Communications-Kristin
    1. Keep working towards earning points!
  3. VP of Membership and Outreach- Jennifer
    1. Donations for St. Jude and the NSCS UTD team next month ($5/$10). Can bring money for St. Jude and the NSCS UTD team to the education office through Wednesday (Megan will pick it up on Thursday)
    2. Come back from break with gently used or new clothes to donate
  • Secretary- Amber
    1. Meeting notes will be on Facebook, notes tab and the website
  • Fundraising Chair- Megan and Dillon
    1. Sweatshirt are in, pick them up if you have not
    2. Buy and wear clothing to earn points
    3. Dillon introduce yourself
  • Integrity Ticket- Penny and Megan
    1. “Learning that it is not all black and white.”
  • Ending Writing-Service- Megan
    1. In honor of November and the month of thanks, thank you notes to professors
      1. We’ll deliver to the department, so make sure you put that on the back of the paper after you tri-fold it, along with the professor’s name
      2. You can bring your letters to the education office until Friday if you don’t finish tonight after the meeting…make them good!!
  • Closing and Door Prize- Megan
    1. Next meeting will be January 26th at 8:00 p.m. in the East Hall of Krysko Commons

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