About our Planning to Achieve Collegiate Excellence: 

PACE is a national initiative which all NSCS chapters are involved in. The objective is to get middle school students thinking and planning for their future through the help of mentoring, tutoring, school visits, and the March to College Day. We have also started an open tutoring session Monday thru Thursday mornings for any kids who would like some help. If anyone would like to become a tutor, email contact Kelsy.

What is PACE?

 A national initative of NSCS’s to mentor and guide middle school students on their path to college. This may include sharing with them stories about college, helping them choose classes to take in high school, or even tutoring them. A PACE mentor is meant to just be there for the child for whatever they need you to help them with.
 Mentors will meet with their child once a week for about an hour. It is crutical that the mentor sticks to this and is not absent. 24 hours notice must be given if you cannot meet with the child. Mentors will be awarded a half point for each hour they spend with their child.

Some documents about PACE:

For the mentors/tutors:

 Some documents to use during your PACE sessions with the student: has a list of lots of activities and websites you can do or go to with your student. Go to to see the list.
 I found a site that describes different fields in a way that makes it interesting to kids. This site might be something you will want your student to do. The website is
 Michelle made a website for her interpersonal communication class that gives information and tips for mentors to improve their communication and effectiveness with the child.

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