Volunteer Opportunities

Big Brother, Big Sister

Students are assigned a little brother or sister who you become a mentor for. The motto of this program is, “to effectively match children with caring mentors to share time, experiences, friendship, and fun that help children become caring, confident, and competent adults.”

Up ’til Dawn

This is a collegiate program that serves the purpose of raising money for the kids of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Students will form teams of six people, designating a team captain, and work together to raise money. $600 must be raised in ordet to be invited to the Up ‘Til Dawn event. The event runs from 12 a.m. through 6 a.m. and is filled with contests, games, music, food, and prizes.

Winona Area Humane Society

Students are able to volunteer and help animals looking for a home in the Winona-area. There are opportunities to work in the office, walk dogs, or clean cat cages.

Winona Volunteer Services

This is an organization with the philosophy of, “improving the quality of life in our community.” There are various volunteer opportunities, including delivering meals and working in the clothing store and for the food shelf.


Students can help keep their community clean by picking up trash around a designated “adopted” block. NSCS is assigned a block (near the Amtrak Station). At least once a month, we gather members together to pick up litter along the sidewalks and streets of our block.

Bingo Night

Students can help a local nursing home or assisted-living facility setup and play bingo. They can help the adults run their bingo cards, and sometimes even play their own card!

Conversation Night

This is an event organized by the English Learning Center at Winona State. Students will be able to meet and talk to international students who are learning to speak English. This is a great way to learn about new cultures and experience new food.

Become an Officer

Becoming an officer is a great way to get involved and deeply connect with NSCS. As an officer, you will attend a monthly officer meeting and help lead the monthly general meetings. This is an incredible and valuable way to develop leadership skills and expand your networks.

Donation Drives
September: school supplies
October: non-perishable food items
November: stuffed animals
January: children’s winter clothing
February: children’s books
March: monetary donations for relay for life
April: gently used clothing & non-perishable food

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