About NSCS

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars is an honors organization that recognizes outstanding academic achievement among first and second year college students and encourages members to develop leadership skills through community service.

The Society was founded in 1994 at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. NSCS has active chapters in over 209 college and university campuses across the United States. Each chapter is involved in service to its campus and local community.

NSCS members are eligible to participate in a variety of activities sponsored by the society. Examples of these include: scholarships, awards, leadership development activities, service programs, community building, and information sharing.


The National Society of Collegiate Scholars was established on the principle that with scholarship comes a responsibility to obtain leadership and a duty to perform service. To this end, the society:

  • Recognizes and celebrates high achievement among college and university first and second-year students in all academic disciplines.
  • Encourages and promotes high standards throughout the collegiate experience. ~Provides opportunities for personal growth and leadership development.
  • Organizes and encourages learning opportunities through community service.
  • Fosters an overall appreciation for the value of the higher education experience.
The Symbols of the Society

The symbol of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars consists of an open book with a torch rising from its pages. The torch is capped with three stars, and it’s surrounded by laurel.

  • The Book symbolizes the endless pursuit of knowledge.
  • The Torch represents the ability of each of us to serve as a guiding light for others and of education to serve as a beacon, eradicating ignorance.
  • The Stars manifest the three pillars upon which the society is built: scholarship, leadership and service.
  • The Laurel is an ancient symbol of distinction and serves to remind our members that they are a part of a long and noble tradition of distinguished leaders.

NSCS National Office

Washington, DC 1-800-989-NSCS or www.nscs.org


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